2016 Amended NICE bylaws

NICE was established in 1981 for the purpose of sharing environmental quality expertise with members, public entities and governmental decision-makers, and for speaking collectively on issues that impact on environmental responsibilities.  Additionally, NICE provides technical expertise to organizations like the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  OUR PURPOSE

  • To provide a pool of environmental expertise for the exchange of information between member manufacturing industries, utilities and generators.
  • To speak collectively to the Nebraska Legislature or the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality on environmental issues before the Legislature or NDEQ.
  • To advise collectively the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality on issues presented by the Director of NDEQ or his department designee.
  • To assist each member company in environmental problems and issues by testimony or otherwise when agreed upon by majority opinion of the member organization.
  • To advise the public through the news media of resolutions and actions by NICE when deemed appropriate.


  • With the approval of members, NICE representatives provide testimony in public hearings or written comments to administrative officers regarding support or opposition to legislative bills or NDEQ regulations.
  • NICE monitors the State Unicameral activities regarding environmental legislation.