Membership Info

In meetings, annual conferences and monthly newsletters NICE offers presentations by exceptional keynote speakers, provides opportunities to share information, and explores industry issues, problems and solutions.Over 200 companies and organizations of all size are members of NICE. Membership is free (there are no fees or dues). Applications are voted on at the next regularly scheduled NICE meeting. Membership is offered in two categories:

Full Member – any company who is a manufacturer, utility, or other facility that is impacted or potentially impacted by environmental regulations. Each full member must provide one representative as the official contact. The member representative should be a chemist, engineer, technician, technologist, administrator, supervisor or whoever is responsible for the member’s environmental affairs. Additional representatives of any full member may attend any meeting and serve on NICE committees.

Associate Member – any company who is a vendor in the environmental field, an attorney involved in environmental law, consultant, or in academia teaching environmental course work. Each associate member must provide one representative as the official.

NICE Membership Application